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The Most Dangerous Toys on the Market

Dangerous Toys

With the vast number of toys on the market, it can be difficult, as a parent, to ensure that the products you buy for your children are safe. WATCH (World Against Toys Causing Harm) is a non-profit organization that monitors toys and toy safety. WATCH has just released its annual list of the most dangerous toys being sold. Here are some to beware of:

  • Kids Time Baby Elephant Pillow—The Consumer Product Safety Commission warns that pillows can obstruct an infant’s breathing, leading to suffocation, and has banned them from use by children under the age of one. This purple elephant pillow has no product warnings or age recommendations.
  • The Slime Ball Slinger—Essentially a slingshot that will launch a gooey mess more than 30 feet, this product has been tied to serious eye injuries. There are also air guns that shoot foam balls, which can have the same result, particularly since those are often marketed for close-up head-to-head combat.
  • Peppy Pups—According to industry standards, any string attached to a crib toy must not exceed 12 inches in length. The “leash” on this puppy is more than 30 inches long and poses a serious risk of strangulation.
  • Flying Heroes Superman Launcher—This toy launches a Superman action figure from a hand-held device. The product package warns not to aim at anyone’s face, but it’s easy for children not old enough to read to get hold of the toy.
  • The Warcraft Doomhammer—This is exactly what the product implies—a big plastic hammer. But it encourages use as a blunt object and provides no product warning about the potential for injury by beating someone over the head with it.

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