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Chemical Exposure and Cancer

The Risks of Cancer Associated with Exposure to Chemical Substances

Toxic chemicalsHealth officials have long understood the relationship between certain chemical compounds and increasing cancer rates. In a study conducted by Physicians for Social Responsibility, researchers found that cancer comes in just behind heart disease as the leading killer of Americans—about one in four people, or 1,500 individuals every day, die of some form of cancer.

In a separate study done in 2010, the President’s Cancer Panel asserted that nearly four out of every five cases of cancer are tied to some form of environmental carcinogen, from tobacco smoke to nutrition to exposure to toxic chemicals. The report concluded that about 34,000 deaths annually are directly tied to exposure to environmental carcinogens. Here are some of the main culprits:

  • Pesticides—We use pesticides for a wide array of reasons, from protecting grass, gardens and shrubs to minimizing insect-borne disease.
  • Disinfectants—Though these products kill germs that are potentially harmful, they also carry their own detrimental aspects. Beware of overexposure to chlorine, wood preservatives and other household cleansers and chemical products.
  • Industrial chemicals—Industrial facilities, from municipal waste services and food processing plants to mining and smelting operations, dump billions of pounds of chemicals into groundwater and air every year.
  • Chemicals in consumer products—Plastic packing and wrapping, building materials and even cosmetics contain carcinogens.
  • Exhaust from motor vehicles, as well as coal-fired power plants

The Long List of Carcinogens

Though consumers are familiar with some of the more well-known chemical substances that have been tied to increased cancer rates, such as asbestos, benzene and vinyl chloride, there are literally hundreds of chemical substances that have been tied to cancer in human beings.

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